Monday, February 8, 2010


So if you have not noticed I am on a frame kick! I see all these frames I love but can't bring myself to pay $50 or more for them. So I create my own!!

This one was so much fun. I actually just ripped the bead board down the center of one of the beads, cut out the center with my scroll saw put a picture frame in the back in the opening.

I put chair rail over the opening of the bead board to make it all straight and stream line. ENJOY!


  1. I love this - how did you create the seam around the outside edges - it looks routered?! I want to try this project or sure - I have a ton of bead board left over in the garage.

  2. this looks fantastic! not sure how i stumbled upon your blog, but love reading all your fun ideas! keep it up! =)

  3. I actually just put wood around the edges and nailed it in to the bead board!!

  4. Very cute...once again! These would make cute gifts! Thanks for sharing! You should open up an etsy shop!

  5. I have thought about an Etsy store...I need to look into it more!! Thanks for the nice comments!



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