Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Slacker and MOST Questions Answered!

I am so sorry I have been a Slacker!!  I am PREGNANT...and I am not a well pregnant it has been survival lately!  But I have had quite a few I thought I would at least answer those right now!

For the Gospel ABC Book I can't actually give out the images because I got them from a friend that has asked that I only distribute them to the ward.  However she did get all the pictures from LDS art and here is the run down with some of the harder pictures.

A is for Angels
B is for Baptism
C is for Church
D is for Daddy
E is for Eternity - picture of the temple
F is for Family
G is for Grandparents
H is for Heavenly Father - Joseph Smiths First Vision
I is for Isreal
J is for Jesus Christ
K is for Kneeling - Christ in the Garden
L is for Love - Christ with Children
M is for Mommy
N is for Noah
O is for Obedience - Christ calming the waters
P is for Prophet
Q is for Quiet - Child Praying
R is for Resurrection - Christ with Mary at Tomb
S is for Scriptures
T is for Tithing
U is for Utah - Pioneers coming to Utah
V is for Vision
W is for Word of Wisdom
X is for eXaltation
Y is for You
Z is for Zion - Enoch

As for the Porch Stand I don't have instructions or anything for that matter at this time.  I am working on that and I will post it as soon as I get one made up!

Thank you to everyone for their comments and sweet emails!  I don't always write back but I do read all of them!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Sneak Peak at my Daughters Room

This is her room before...

And below is a start of the NEW could call it my idea of shabby chic.

 I decided to redo my daughters room mainly because I have had so much fun finding old CHEAP furniture and redoing it!!  I love how it all turns out too!  
Sorry I don't have before pictures on all of them.



 I actually found this piece at the DI Thrift store for $7 .... this is the piece that started all the refinishing!

This was my great grandma's head board... I just white washed it...I LOVE IT it is so beautiful and just what the room needs.

I think there needs to be this picture in there too...and possibly a real one too!!  That is if I can convince the husband that his 2 year old daughter needs a chandelier in her room...I don't think my odds are very good.  HA HA

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Charm HOLDER!!!


So I have been making these cute charms!! And they were getting thrown in the jewelry box .... They needed a house of their own. So here is my solution....Jewelry Picture Frame! It was so so easy. I found a frame I hadn't used for years and painted it black, drove nails into the back, and wrapped wire around it!! Told you super easy!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Bottle Cap Alphabet

I have really really wanted ALPHABET magnets for my fridge. My friend JENNIE inspired me, with her bottle cap addiction.....if you buy 300 of something it is considered an addiction right?? Ha Ha. So I decided I needed cute bottle caps for my fridge! The best part is they are super easy!!

all you need is

Bottle caps
Glue Sitck
Diamond Glaze

Jennie actually had a 1 inch punch I used to cut out the circles which made it super easy. Glue the circles in REALLY REALLY GOOD, add your letters and put on the glaze. After they are dry just apply the magnets to the back and you have super cute fridge magnets!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

He is now 30!!

Well the party turned out good! I couldn't decide between the wreath and the topiary so I decided to combine the two. And actually I think it was the conversation piece of the party...ha ha!! I ended up making 125 mini cupcakes...they were so good and it worked great to feed people. Plus it only takes 2 cake mixes to make that many!
Yes I know the Party was at the beginning of the week and I am terribly slow to update...but man I have been busy! TODAY was super saturday so I have been getting ready for that....the items I made to come!!


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