Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Purple Princess for the Day.....

As a Mother winter time sure is hard.  My daughter is a free spirit and hates to be cooped up.  So I have scrambled to find things for us to is Princess day PURPLE princess day that is.  We had to be all purple from head to toe....We changed our ear rings, painted our toes and fingers, colored our crown, made a wand and of course we put on our princess tu tu!  We ate a princess lunch, danced and now we are watching Cinderella!  Klancee has loved being the princess today!  I love to make things with her and see her have fun doing it!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Numbers Matching Game

My daughter loves to count everything!  I made this cute easy game to help her understand how to count and what number is what!  So far she has loved to match the numbers up and count them into the jar.

I got the little glass rocks at Dollar Tree!  
Cut out your paper the size of your glass rocks and I used a permanent marker to write the numbers!

 Glue the paper on to the back of the glass rocks.  I just put the glue stick right on the glass rock!
Once they have dried use sand paper and lightly sand the paper down so it can not be easily peeled off.
you can download the PDF file I made  for the matching board here.
I printed mine on Cardstock but anything will work!

 I found a cute jar for all the rocks, Klancee loves to count them into the jar.  It has been a great help to her to learn that we count things one by one.
I love to watch little people learn something and when they finally understand they are so proud of themselves.  

Monday, January 10, 2011

CrAzy SubWaY ABC's

I am feeling the subway art vib!!  I love to design subway art it is so much fun!  I made this cute sign for my daughters room and it fits her just perfectly.

 I am selling the vinyl if you want one too send me an email  This one is 8 inches x 8 inches for $6 shipped!!  They are great for baby gifts too!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

FHE Lesson 1

Here is the first lesson I decided on!  THE CREATION...seems fitting!!!  I will post something to add to your kit at least every Thursday!

I have included on the links should be able to go to the link and print the items off.

I included a Conference Talk as well, I figured my children will not always be young so something a little older might be helpful in the future.  If you hate to color you can load the pictures into your photoshop and add color that way!

FHE Lesson Plan

The Lesson (here is the lesson if you want to print it separately)

Pictures for lesson (page 25)

Coloring Page as the activity

Conference talk

I don't have a treat Idea yet....Cooking is really not my if anyone has a great treat please leave a comment!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rag Flowers

I LOVE how these cute fun Rag Flowers turned out!!!

My daughter is finally getting some I needed smaller flowers to go on her here they are.  They are so so simple too!

I used quilting Fabric it seems to fray the best.

I cut out 5 squares each a little smaller than the one before and then I rounded off the corners to create my circles.  I don't have a fancy anything to cut circles so I found that to be the easiest way for me.

I then just made slits every half inch in toward the center which created the petals. Don't go all the way to the center you want to leave about an 1 circle area in the center that is not cut so when you wash the layers they will stay together.

Next soak the layers in water and help to fray them with your hands just a little.

Throw them in the dryer until they are dry this will continue to fray them and create the rolling on the edges

Once they are dry stack the layers largest on the bottom smallest on the top.

You will have to decide on your center now.  On one of them I used a button and the other I didn't use anything.  The button flattens the flower slightly giving it a different look.  it all depends on what you like!

Next sew all the layers together...without the center.

Next as shown in this picture pinch the flower together on the bottom center and sew with your needle to hold the pinch together.  This will make your flower much more full.

If you are using a center item turn your flower over now and place in the top center and continue to sew it on.  Once it is all sewn on you can put and alligator clip on it or use a safety pin if you want to wear it on your clothes!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

My new goal...Family Home Evening!

Well the whole crafting thing has not been going to well...and I have been so sad.  I realized crafting is what keeps me sane as a Mommy.  It is so hard to find a balance, before my daughter, Klancee, used to take a nap which translated into CRAFT TIME FOR MOMMY....those days apparently have come and gone no matter how much I fight for them back she is just as stubborn as I am!!  I am going to try to find things Klancee and I can do together.

My first project is a FAMILY HOME EVENING kit or box or whatever it ends up being.   Klancee is now 2 and we had our first Family Home Evening tonight.  It only lasted for 10 minutes but I would say it was a success.   Obviously since it was only 10 minutes it was super simple, we had a prayer, read the story Pudgy the Polite Pig, that I found at Oopsey Daisy, it was so so cute and Klancee loved it, we sang a song, and had brownies and ice cream.  SUPER SUPER EASY but it was so fun and Klancee loved it.  As you can see!!  I decided to use a magnet board instead of a flannel board...mainly because I had the magnet board downstairs.  I hope to start getting things laminated and then putting magnets on back of them.  But that will have to wait for now!!

My biggest challenge so far has been to find lessons that a 2 year old can actually sit through and so my quest begins.  I will post new ideas as I find them and you can create one too!  If anyone has any other ideas or links to share please post them or send me an email.



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