Monday, March 29, 2010

Mod Podge Eggs

I saw some fun fabric eggs, but being that I am not a very experienced seamstress I don't have cute fabric laying around. But I do have TONS and TONS of paper! So I decided to Mod Podge paper one.
The trick is to get lots and lots of Mod Podge on your egg and paper so the paper becomes soft and will bend and mold to the egg. The larger eggs are paper mache and the small egg is just a small plastic Easter egg!
I love how these turned out! Fun center piece for Easter dinner!


  1. Brook - I love your eggs! Make sure to come plant your creative seeds at my blog party: Plant a Punkin Seed at Punkin Seed Productions. It is usually on Fridays but is open all week because I'm doing a give away!

    Punkin Seed Productions



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