Monday, April 5, 2010

Tiered Dress and Flower

I finished it in time for Easter! I am so excited I did it turned out so cute! I also got this pattern from Portabellapixie! I love her patterns, the instructions are colored!! For Easter the Easter bunny brought me a serger! I am so excited it will make sowing so much cleaner, no more stray strings!
I also made this flower to go with the dress.

All you need is synthetic fabric, something for the center(pearls etc), an alligator clip, a needle and tread.

Cut out your circles, I started at a 4 inch circle and went down a 1/2 inch for each layer!

The reason you wanted synthetic fabric is because it curls when you burn the edges.

First burn all your edges, then put your flame under the edges so it will curl even more. as shown in this picture.
You can burn tulle, and lace too to add some texture to your flower.

sow the center of your layers to hold them together add your center piece and alligator clip an you have a fun fabric flower!

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