Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Sneak Peak at my Daughters Room

This is her room before...

And below is a start of the NEW could call it my idea of shabby chic.

 I decided to redo my daughters room mainly because I have had so much fun finding old CHEAP furniture and redoing it!!  I love how it all turns out too!  
Sorry I don't have before pictures on all of them.



 I actually found this piece at the DI Thrift store for $7 .... this is the piece that started all the refinishing!

This was my great grandma's head board... I just white washed it...I LOVE IT it is so beautiful and just what the room needs.

I think there needs to be this picture in there too...and possibly a real one too!!  That is if I can convince the husband that his 2 year old daughter needs a chandelier in her room...I don't think my odds are very good.  HA HA


  1. I love white and pink together.. I cant wait to see what it looks like all finished!!!!

  2. It all looks fantastic!
    My daughter has a room full of pink furniture that I made over for her. I think I like it more than her!

  3. Love it. I bet it's going to turn out so cute! Can't wait to see more pictures.

  4. I love it! How do you re-paint the furniture, do you roll it or spray it? It looks so professional!



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