Monday, August 9, 2010

Cooking Blog

So I am NOT a cooker! It is a standing joke at my house that everything is BURNT, and it was inhereted from my mom. See to us there is only one way to cook something and that is fast and on high.

I think that once you have eaten burnt food for so long you become hooked on the flavor you would call burnt. However I find it a nice touch now.

So since you probably will never get any cooking advice from me I thought I would share a yummy blog.

After all who wouldn't love to eat muffins that taste like donuts. Check out her blog here


  1. Lol I am so the same way. I try really hard and it still comes out burnt or not cooked enough. I can make spaghetti and thats about it!! My mom hated cooking and I think she passed that on to me!!!

  2. Thanks so much!! You just totally made my day... oh wait! You just may have made my week! Thanks for putting a smile on my face:-) Teauna

  3. You are so funny;) im sure you are way better then you think:) hey at least you try right?! I just gave you an award! go check it out!:)



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