Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Numbers Matching Game

My daughter loves to count everything!  I made this cute easy game to help her understand how to count and what number is what!  So far she has loved to match the numbers up and count them into the jar.

I got the little glass rocks at Dollar Tree!  
Cut out your paper the size of your glass rocks and I used a permanent marker to write the numbers!

 Glue the paper on to the back of the glass rocks.  I just put the glue stick right on the glass rock!
Once they have dried use sand paper and lightly sand the paper down so it can not be easily peeled off.
you can download the PDF file I made  for the matching board here.
I printed mine on Cardstock but anything will work!

 I found a cute jar for all the rocks, Klancee loves to count them into the jar.  It has been a great help to her to learn that we count things one by one.
I love to watch little people learn something and when they finally understand they are so proud of themselves.  


  1. Thank you so much for sharing. I really appreciate your post.

  2. Brooke... I just love your blog... so I awarded you the stylish blogger award. Check out my blog for details... Vicki




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