Thursday, January 6, 2011

FHE Lesson 1

Here is the first lesson I decided on!  THE CREATION...seems fitting!!!  I will post something to add to your kit at least every Thursday!

I have included on the links should be able to go to the link and print the items off.

I included a Conference Talk as well, I figured my children will not always be young so something a little older might be helpful in the future.  If you hate to color you can load the pictures into your photoshop and add color that way!

FHE Lesson Plan

The Lesson (here is the lesson if you want to print it separately)

Pictures for lesson (page 25)

Coloring Page as the activity

Conference talk

I don't have a treat Idea yet....Cooking is really not my if anyone has a great treat please leave a comment!!

1 comment:

  1. I need to get better at FHE. I had my 6 year old do it last time and it was really cute:) She thought she was so big:) I made these cookies a while ago
    and OH MY HECK they are so good! They are so easy and all it takes is a cake mix eggs oil and peanut butter cups! whats better then that?:) Perfect treat for little ones to help with:) honestly they are so goood!



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